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Ditopa - A fantastic new Brick Breaker

4.2 ( 6352 ratings )
Giochi Intrattenimento Arcade Rompicapo
Sviluppatore Josip Pavic

Whoa! Ditopa changed the brick breaking game-world forever by supercharging it!

Can you pull-off the tricks that clear the bricks?

Ditopa is the super-charged brick breaking game that has added 20 power-ups and power-downs to the mix to bring you the most rewarding and challenging brick breaking gaming experience ever. Bounce the ball off the bricks to clear them off the play field. Try to gain powerful boosts and do your best to avoid the power-downs as you clear all 40 handcrafted levels of Ditopa. (Did we mention handcrafted?) With so many fun and cool levels, tons of brick styles, lots of bonuses, optional in-app purchases, and Game Center integration, you may PLAY ALL THE TIME!

- coolest brick-breaking game of the year
- massive power-ups and tricky power-downs
- 40 handcrafted levels to play, unlock and love with more coming soon
- Game Centre integration for full-on brick-breaking fun
- optional in-app purchases, because Indie Devs need love too
- a fun filled all around good time for gamers of all play styles and skill levels
- universal app

Ditopa, its the game you will love to break, again and again!